Content Writing Ideas: How to Keep Coming Up With Them

Blog Content Writing IdeasContent writing ideas – how to keep coming up with them is something many business owners worry about. We all know that search engines (such as Google) love frequent new content, but what do you do when your well of ideas runs dry? Here are a few tips to spark new ideas:

Recycle or Upcycle Old Topics

It’s okay to revisit old topics you’ve written about before. Many writers will recycle content ideas from time to time because people actually want to hear about the same topics again. Or, why not upcycle by taking an old idea, and putting a new spin or view on it? Either way, you can create a new blog post by creating a new version of an old topic.

Ask a Friend

Asking a friend is a great way to come up with new topic ideas. Someone that is not in your industry will likely have an unbiased view of it – thus providing a fresh new look at your industry, and likely providing you with great ideas for new topics.

Create a Survey

Why not create a survey on social media, and create a blog post based on your results? This of course will take a little ‘homework’ before you can create your post, but it’s something you can keep in your back pocket for a future article.

Host a Question and Answer Session

Again, you can take advantage of social media. Host a weekly Q & A session, and create a blog post that includes your most interesting questions (and of course, your answers).

Read, Read, Read!

Keep up on your industry by reading industry magazines, books, news, websites, blogs, etc. As you are reading, keep a running list of topics that you can write about in the future – anything that inspires you, would inspire your readers, is currently trending in your industry, would be helpful to others, etc. The idea is to get inspiration for your writing, not to copy the writing of others.

Clear Your Head

When all else fails, go for a walk or take a break. Sometimes ‘getting away from it all’ and clearing out your mind is the best source of inspiration of all!

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