Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

tips to avoid hackingIf you have a website, a blog, or publish anything online, one of your top priorities should be security. Getting hacked can be costly – hiring a professional to find and remove the hack can cost quite a bit, and the hack can also affect your online reputation. Over the last year, Google has seen a 180% increase in the number of websites getting hacked. So what can you do to minimize your chances of falling victim to an online attack? Here are a few tips to avoid getting hacked:

Strong, Unique Passwords

Your passwords should be unique and difficult to crack. Password length is important – the longer your password, the harder it will be to decipher. Your password should also contain a mixture of letters, numbers, characters, and symbols. So avoid passwords like ‘password1234’ and opt for something creative that you can remember, like ‘Cre8@h0mE=<3' (create at home equals love), or something completely random (just be sure to write it down somewhere!)

Keep Your Software Updated

With the popularity of WordPress and other Content Management Systems, we cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your software and plugins up to date. Hackers can gain access through outdated, vulnerable areas of your website, so be sure to log in on a regular basis to check for available updates.

What to Do if Your Site is Hacked

If you discover your website has been hacked, you need to take immediate action. The sooner the hack is removed, the less damage it can do to your website and its online reputation. Immediately contact your:

  • Web Developer: If you hired a professional web developer to create your website, they can assist you with removing the hack.
  • Hosting Provider: If you created the website on your own, contact your hosting provider to see what assistance they may offer.

We Keep an Eye Out for You

If your site was created by Studio 239 Design, we register your website with Google’s Search Console, which alerts us about potential issues on your site. If Google detects hacked content, they notify us, and we immediately contact you to notify you. We then discuss your options and inform you of the necessary steps to clean up your website. The sooner the hack is caught and fixed, the better.

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