Responsive Web Design

Your Site Will Look and Perform Beautifully on Any Device

Responsive Web Design

Our Standard Approach to Web Design

A responsive website is designed and developed to be flexible, and automatically respond and resize to the user’s device - be it a desktop, smart phone, ipad, etc. It is designed to perform, function, and look great, no matter what size device it is being viewed on.

Here at Studio 239 Design, we have been promoting, recommending, and developing responsive web design since its inception. Google also recommends responsive web design, and here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Saves you money - With responsive design, you only have to design, develop, and maintain one website, versus a main website plus its mobile version. It also requires only one SEO campaign.
  • Better SEO - Google prefers to index one website, and rankings will benefit from the same URLs and well-built websites with quality content that provides its users a good, user-friendly experience.
  • Happy users your website users will have a consistent experience throughout all devices and screen sizes.

For more details on why responsive design is better, visit our blog post 'Google Recommends Responsive Web Design (and So Do We!)'

responsive web design

Web Design and Re-Design of Exisiting Websites

We are so excited you are considering us for your new website! Prior to starting, we like to review your needs, purpose, and design preferences, and will include them when creating your design or website's re-design. In addition to anything else you may request, the following is included in every web design project:

  • Process domain name and hosting account - we want you to have control of your domain and hosting, so we assist you in setting these up with the company of your choice
  • Design and develop responsive HTML5/CSS3 website, install and customize responsive WordPress theme, or set up and customize responsive Shopify theme
  • Develop site pages, including all images, content, and contact form
  • Organic On-Page SEO - visit On-Page SEO for details
  • Post launch, we submit your website to Google and major search engines